Let's get digital. 

It is a very crucial time for associations to jump on board of the digital train and to integrate digital opportunities to bring added value to their communities. How - as an association - can you build your digital roadmap? Well, in a nutshell, it is all about content, community building, professional development & partnerships. 

1. Content is king

The creation, publication, dissemination, and governance of useful and usable content is key to associations. Whatever format or channel you are using to make this happen, they all serve the same purpose: CONTENT.
Going digital, whether or not combined with face-to-face events, definitely offers content creation opportunities and strengthens your reach.

2. Develop a digital strategy and increase your impact

Focus on your stakeholders when shaping the framework of your digital strategy.
Do not reinvent yourself in response to digital, but analyse and define your short and long-term goals.

Your digital strategy can include:
Events – interactive learning and networking experiences
Memberships – past, present and future members
Communication – must be engaging, smart and efficient

3. Take advantage of digital platforms and innovate your business model

The digital transformation creates new competitive advantages. Digital platforms provide access to broader target groups and new sponsored digital projects, generating
additional income for your association. Adapt to the digital economy and make your business model future-proof.

4. Take a legacy-driven approach when defining your digital transformation steps

Reflect on what the digital transformation should leave behind for your association, creating a sustainable impact. How to ensure the long-term viability of your association, leaving it stronger, more productive and more valuable.

Interested to know more? Keep an eye on us, soon we will publish some more content on how to create your digital roadmap as an association. 

Together with our partners, Event Pilots and Streamdis, we can work out tailormade digital event solutions for you. Call or mail us if you want to know more. Happy to help you out. 

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